The Unique Concept

The clou

Removable inner shoes that meet all requirements for the masah & sporty outer shoes that meet all the needs of young people: style, function and ease.

The background

The Islamic ritual prayer prescribes a previous ablution. Our aim is prayer integration in everyday life made possible under all circumstances.

The difficulty

Washing your feet in a washbasin requires gymnastic exercise and causes wetness on the floor. Even in mosques these problems occur.

The solution

SmartKhuffZ® solve the problem of foot washing before praying inside a mosque or outside at work, on the way, in school or college…

The necessary nature of Khuffs according to the various Sunni law schools (madhahib)

According to Hanafi

  • thick enough to be impermeable to water
  • firm enough to run a Farsakh, about 3,4 miles

Sometimes additionally mentioned:

  • should have a leather layer
  • should have a sole

According to Shafi’i

  • should be impermeable to water
  • you should be able to walk in it

Sometimes additionally mentioned:

  • no sewn part, which is not waterproof, may be there

According to Maliki

  • must have a leather layer above and below

According to Hanbali

  • should be waterproof
  • should not show anything of the foot
  • one should be able to walk in it (three days)

SmartkhuffZ® meet these requirements!