The Unique Concept

The fusion

Removable inner shoes that meet all requirements for the masah & sporty outer shoes that meet all the needs of young people: style, function and ease.

The background

The Islamic ritual prayer prescribes a previous ablution. Our aim is prayer integration in everyday life made possible under all circumstances.

The difficulty

Washing your feet in a washbasin requires gymnastic exercise and causes wetness on the floor. Even in mosques these problems occur.

The solution

SmartKhuffZ® solve the problem of foot washing before praying inside a mosque and also outside of mosques (e.g. at work, on the way, in school, college, etc.)


Certificate of the Al-Azhar/Egypt

Fatwa from the Al-Azhar-Committee about the permissibility of the mash ala khuffain and the legal use of Dr. Jörg Imran Schröter’s SmartKhuffZ®

Islam is a religion of ease and offers many opportunities of relief for the faithful. Under certain conditions, as an alternative to foot washing, a symbolic surrogate (mash) is possible.

The conditions for the substitute vary according to the law school (madhhab). In general (in all Sunni law schools) the requirement is wearing khuffs. The provisions of the four Sunni schools of Islamic law show that the mash on ordinary socks is not allowed because the necessary nature of the khuffs is not met.

The necessary nature of Khuffs according to the various Sunni law schools (madhahib)

According to Hanafi

  • thick enough to be impermeable to water
  • firm enough to run a Farsakh, about 3,4 miles

Sometimes additionally mentioned:

  • should have a leather layer
  • should have a sole

According to Shafi’i

  • should be impermeable to water
  • you should be able to walk in it

Sometimes additionally mentioned:

  • no sewn part, which is not waterproof, may be there

According to Maliki

  • must have a leather layer above and below

According to Hanbali

  • should be waterproof
  • should not show anything of the foot
  • one should be able to walk in it (three days)