The Unity of Sneakers and Khuffs

Let’s revive a sound Sunnah in a new way!

The challenge

Performing the ritual ablution is often a challenge, but as Allah intends for you ease the mash is permissible on khuffs.

The idea

We put khuffs (according to the four Sunni schools) into stunning smart sneakers – fitting together as one! That’s SmartKhuffZ®

The meaning

We combine timeless religious needs with practical aspects of today. Fashionable lifestyle and Islam are not opposites.


Fatwa from the Al-Azhar-Committee about the permissibility of the mash ala khuffain and the legal use of Dr. Jörg Imran Schröter’s SmartKhuffZ®

Islam is a religion of ease and offers many opportunities of relief for the faithful. Under certain conditions, as an alternative to foot washing, a symbolic surrogate (mash) is possible.

Wiping over the khuffs is valid for one day and night for anyone who is in his/her home town, and valid for three consecutive days and nights for someone on travel.

The conditions for the substitute vary according to the law school (madhhab). In general (in all Sunni law schools) the requirement is wearing khuffs.

The provisions of the four Sunni schools of Islamic law show that the mash on ordinary socks is not allowed because the necessary nature of the khuffs is not met.

SmartkhuffZ® meet these requirements!

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