About us

SmartKhuffZ®  is a Germany based startup company that responds to the needs of today’s Muslims. Our aim is to find solutions to show that faith, creativity, and fashion are not mutually exclusive but complement each other perfectly.

Dr. Jörg Imran Schröter from Freiburg in Breisgau (Germany), who converted to Islam 30 years ago, was always troubled by washing his feet in everyday life, especially during his studies and later during his teaching career at the university. The solution is SmartKhuffZ® that he registered as a trademark and legal utility model.

Imran’s wife, Amina Boumaaiz, has the best ideas and the toughest reviews for the product development. Artistic advice and social media communication are done by their son Tarik Sulaiman. As an independent sales representative is Mukhtar Mohammad from Kano/Nigeria active for us worldwide. Film and photo shootings in Casablanca were made by Brahim Boumaaiz and his team from @ bVisual0.

For any inquiries in the UK please contact our sales representatives from SmartKhuffZ®-UK: Mr. Faisal Hussain and Hajj Tariq Ameen.

Contact us and join in! Be part of the idea and the message!

Freelancers, artists, business partners and independent sales representatives with international relations to Muslim networks are warmly welcomed.